Super Lemon Haze


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Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa marijuana strain. This strain has lemon flavors that are both sweet and tart, and an energetic buzz that will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling uplifted, creative and even a little aroused.
Lack Of Appetite

Super Lemon Haze is a Green House Seeds creation. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain provides a light and airy mental cannabis experience with some gentle body relaxation. THC levels tend to hover between 17 and 22%.
SLH Experience

Bred by Green House Seeds, this two-time Cannabis Cup winner is one spirited Sativa. A cross between Lemon Skunk and SSH, this strain is all energy. Expect a clear-headed, inspiring, and jolly good time with Super Lemon Haze. This strain’s uplifting effects are matched by its powerful, stimulating citrus aroma. Everything about this marijuana strain is lively, smart, and daring.

This strain is still technically a hybrid, however. This means it has some Indica thrown into the mix. While the effects are mostly mental, this strain does provide some decent body soothing relief. In fact, many marijuana consumers feel this strain in the body first.

With all this mental euphoria and physical relaxation, you may find yourself feeling little frisky. Many cannabis consumers report arousing effects from this strain. So, hoping to get a little lucky this weekend? Super Lemon Haze may help mellow you out. Though, it should be noted that in high doses you may feel the opposite effect.

For those marijuana consumers who prefer their weed in concentrate form, Super Lemon Haze shatter is available from Phyto Extractions, as well as other companies.
Traits of SLH and Seeds

Lemon in more than just name, this strain offers marijuana consumers a sweet and tart lemon smoke just as they would expect. Some might be reminded of Lemonheads, but without that cheek-tensing sourness. With green-brown nugs and a nice thick layer of resinous trichomes, cannabis consumers will know they’re in for a treat as soon as they lay their eyes on this strain.
Medical Benefits of Super Lemon Haze

This strain has more to offer than just shelf appeal and great flavor, however. Medical marijuana patients also treasure this strain for its uplifting effects.

Medical marijuana consumers tend to like this strain for chronic fatigue, stress, and depression.
Many also find that it increases their appetite and provides mild to moderate pain relief.
If you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines, Super Lemon Haze may just be your new best friend.


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