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10 vape pens in each Pack

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Puffin Disposables USA

Buy Puffin Disposables for sale in Texas. Puffin disposable is housed & sealed in a 1ml real CCell cart and contains:

110mg CBG
600mg CBD
30mg CBDV
260mg Phytocannabinoids & natural botanical terpenes
1ml real CCELL cart
86.20721% THC

Puffin LA

PUFFIN. The Terpology effects-based Terpene profiles formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo are hundred percent all-natural and botanical terpene blends that attract specific mood-elevating experiences. The compounds contained within each profile are naturally found in marijuana.

Puffin Carts. Each profile has been made by board-certified neurologist and marijuana research pioneer, Dr Ethan Russo. Dr Russo is famous all through the marijuana industry for his twenty years of education and research surrounding the Entourage effect and “Taming THC” with terpenes.

Puffin CBD never has added carriers such as VG, PG, MCT, PEG, or Vitamin E Acetate.

We advise using a CCELL gadget to power the Puffin CBD carts as they are rightly matched.
Puffin Flavors

King Louis XIII – A relaxing overload of sweet tobacco, just the tea cup for those tobacco lovers

SFV OG – An amazingly chill blast of spearmint and menthol

Strawberry Shortcake– A taste mix of your favorite berries and fruits

Raspberry Lemonade– Spritz of the rainbow, packed with a remarkable collection of sweet and juicy fruit tastes.

Blue cotton candy – Take Blue raspberries, take cotton candy.

Cowboy Tobacco – This bold juice will leave your sense overwhelmed with a wave of mildly and rich sweet tobacco.

Golden pineapple – A tropical burst of sweet pineapple

Sour Apple – real tasty and fresh flavor that feels like it came straight off the tree.


King Louis XIII(Indica), SFV OG(Indica), OG Kush(Indica), Biscott(Indica), Purple Punch(Indica), Rasberry Lemonade(Indica), Exotic Mango(Hybrid), Banana Candy(Hybrid), Pixy Stix(Hybrid), Gelato(Hybrid), Ice Cream Cake(Hybrid), Tropic Thunder(Hybrid), Maui Wowie(Sativa), Strawberry Shortcake(Sativa), Peaches & Cream(Sativa)


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