Moon Rockets – Paper Planes Pre-rolls


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Moon Rockets – Paper Planes Pre-rolls

Moonrockets – Paper Planes Preroll

for Tokes Fit for a King, Spark Up Moonrockets La’s Paper Planes Preroll.

First Moonrockets LA Began by Creating Top Shelf Moonrocks of the Highest Quality.

Then Rolled Those Sticky, Powerful Nugs with a King Sized Raw Cone and Coated the Joint in 87% THC Distillate then Dusted in Dry-Sift Kief. 

The Result is a Preroll That Will Take You to the Moon and Back.

Every Toke Provides Profoundly Euphoric Sensations Thanks to this Masterful Blend Achieved by Moonrockets La.
11 Strains Available-Childproof Packaging


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