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Haze Berry Marijuana Strain

The Haze Berry Marijuana Strain is a delightful blend of sweet, ripe berries and earthy flavors. It has an award-winning lineage and is heavily sativa with a dash of indica coolness. This strain also features a powerful boost of CBD along with a euphoric and energizing high.

Haze Berry Marijuana Strain is the result of pairing the award-winning Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. These top strains are not only epic in their own right but have given rise to powerful offspring.

The Haze Berry Marijuana Strain is sativa-leaning and features a combination of sweet berry flavor and a euphoric, energizing high. Along with its excellent flavor profile and effects, it has a high THC level of about 22%.

In addition to its THC level, it boasts an average CBD level of 10%. CBD’s presence may contribute to Haze Berry’s effect on symptoms such as muscle tenseness, depression, and nausea. Cannabis enthusiasts also enjoy this strain’s creative lift along with its ability to induce relaxation and relieve stress.

What Is the Haze Berry Marijuana Strain?

Thanks to its sativa profile, Haze Berry Marijuana Strain is useful as a morning smoke. It has a moderately high THC level and leaves users feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Creatives also credit this strain with revving their imaginations and fueling their motivations. And while its high is intense, the ride isn’t harsh. It boasts a smooth cerebral boost that doesn’t include couch-lock or tiredness.

Although many fans rave that HB is a premium go-to, newbies should exercise some caution.

This strain is not only potent but fast-acting. Many users state they can feel the effects after only a few puffs, and for those new to cannabis, this can prove overwhelming.

While its robust nature can be intense for some, for many, Haze Berry Marijuana Strain outs some excellent benefits. For starters, this strain helps with severe fatigue. It can also assist users in overcoming symptoms stemming from depression, chronic pain, and post-exercise inflammation.

Fans of this strain often leave rave reviews about its delicious flavor. It has a unique blend of sweet blueberry, vanilla, and herb notes that is exceptional. It makes for an overall pleasant smoking experience.

And when it comes to growth, Haze Berry Marijuana Strain borrows from its sativa heritage. It grows up to nearly six feet in optimal conditions, making it hard to cultivate with limited space. Like many of its forebears, Haze Berry Marijuana Strain thrives in warm temperatures and sunny climates. While it is slightly challenging to grow, cultivators can successfully harvest this strain with some attentive care and a few techniques.


Like its parent, the Blueberry strain, Haze Berry Marijuana Strain has an aroma reminiscent of fresh, ripened blueberries. It is accentuated by the smell of tasty vanilla and also has hints of earth and spice.


Most users know Haze Berry Marijuana Strain by its renowned flavor profile. It has some excellent elements, including hints of crushed fruit and fresh, sun-ripened blueberries upon the inhale.

Other taste sensations include hints of sweet vanilla, an edge of warm earth, and heat, along with herb. The result is an overall experience that is delicious and smooth. Once the strain has been crushed or pulverized, it exudes an intense herbal aroma.


Haze Berry Strain has moderately sized clusters that look like popcorn. The copious buds also feature alternating patterns of dark and light green leaves. Pistils dot the plant with splashes of bright reds and browns. Other colors include some yellows along with a layer of frosty trichomes.

Haze Berry Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Haze Berry seeds grow both indoors and outdoors. They need a bit of care but have abundant yields, one big reason this strain has found renewed popularity among growers. The seeds are also resilient and resistant to mold, mildew, and common pests.

Home growers have a wide range of techniques and methods to choose from when cultivating Haze Berry Marijuana Strain. This may include a combination of low-stress training, topping, trimming, and pruning.

These methods also prove useful for those with limited space, as it curtails height without severely affecting yield. After all, Haze Berry can reach a spectacular height of nearly six feet.

When it comes to growth techniques, cultivators use soil as a medium but must add nutrients. They can also opt for a hydroponics set-up, SOG, SCROG, and even mainlining. Some indoor growers choose defoliation for higher light circulation when adjusting for light, although this isn’t always necessary for this strain. Instead, some growers prefer to trim, prune, and boost indoor light wattage.

Growers can expect an indoor harvest within 9-11 weeks and sometime in mid-October or early November when grown outdoors. Harvests can range from 20 ounces per square meter indoors and more than 23 ounces per square meter outside.

THC Content – Highest Test

This strain has an average THC level of 22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest content test for CBD is 10%.

Medical Benefits of the Haze Berry Marijuana Strain

Haze Berry Marijuana Strain has a high CBD content in addition to its THC level. The combination of CBD and THC levels may provide users with multiple benefits. These include feelings of contentment and euphoria, an effect that may combat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Users also report feeling relief from body aches and pain, including migraine symptoms, headaches, nausea, and post-exercise inflammation. Haze Berry Marijuana Strainmay also assist with muscle spasticity symptoms, a common occurrence in patients with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

Other uses for this strain are more social. It may reduce feelings of stress and social anxiety, making it easier for a conversation to flow and for individuals to socialize comfortably. It may aid in boosting creativity, spark focus, and mental clarity.

Some others find it is helpful to address other symptoms, including intense fatigue. Haze Berry Marijuana Strain induces a spike of energy, making it a go-to option for a morning or daytime smoke.

People living with issues stemming from PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and mood disorders may find Haze Berry especially helpful. It relaxes, calms, and soothes while decreasing stress and worries. It may also work well for cramping and intense pain for women with premenstrual symptoms.

Possible Side Effects

While Haze Berry is a pleasant smoke, some users experience adverse effects. These effects typically include dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Haze Berry Strain

The Haze Berry Marijuana Strain is a great smoke. It provides users with a surge of energy while mitigating stress and anxiousness. This strain is an excellent way to begin the day and is a perfect social strain to share with friends.

It boasts a high CBD level, which may positively impact how it works, with many users reporting that it has exceptionally euphoric and uplifting effects.

Haze Berry Marijuana Strain also functions well as a pain reliever, provides focus, and revs creativity.

This Strain is also a robust plant. Users report that this strain is resilient to mold and mildew. And while Haze Berry may take a bit more tending to the other strains, the result is a high yield for indoor and outdoor growers.

In addition to its high yield capacity and medical benefits, Haze Berry Strain doesn’t induce couch-lock. Instead, many enjoy that they can still perform needed tasks and routines without feeling spacey or tired. Furthermore, users like Haze Berry’s tasty blend of blueberries, sweet vanilla, earth, and herb. In all, this is an excellent strain for consumers looking for a potent high, fantastic flavors, and beneficial effects.


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