Gorilla Glue Kush


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Gorilla Glue Kush is another strain that isn’t for a novice. Developed by GG Strains.

Gorilla Glue Kush grows minty green buds that are generally coated with bright and colored orange and amber pistils. A heavy layer of bright and crystal trichomes makes the strain’s bag appeal even more alluring.

With such fascinating characteristics, you will be wondering the kind of effects to expect. After smoking Gorilla Glue Kush, you will start feeling strongly couch-locked with such a massive feelings of being hungry and weighed down. If you have searching for this , then this insane hybrid will leave you fully satisfied. But know that the effects are far more trippy and powerful than you probably think.


1 lb, 1 oz (28g), 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb


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