Blueberry CBD Vape Refill Cartridge (Calm Indica)


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500 mg of potent, pure CBD oil
Calming Indica strain
Tasty Blueberry Flavor
Chemical Free
USA grown



The Blueberry CBD Vape refill cartridge is made with pure, potent CBD oil harvested from organic hemp farms in Colorado. We extract the CBD using the highest industry standards which ensures a premium product. We test our product three times during production. We want to ensure that our formula is pure, consistent and free of contaminants. Our formula is crystal clear and mixes well. This is a sign of pure vape juice. If you notice vape juice that is murky and thick like syrup, it is not safe for consumption.

The Blueberry CBD vape refill cartridge is indica strain. The formula is designed to be soothing and relaxing. The indica strain promotes a sense of calm which may help reduce anxiety and stress. Many customers use our Blueberry CBD vape to relax before watching a movie or to help relax before bed. Our CBD vape refill cartridge is safe to use everyday, as needed. Our CBD vape refill cartridges provide our customers a way to get more value for their money. When your current CBD vape cartridge is almost empty, you can order one of our CBD vape refill cartridges. They are very easy to install. You twist to remove the empty cartridge, put in the new one and twist it back to lock it in place.


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