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Alien Kush

Alien Kush is a premium quality cannabis plant of Californian roots, mildly Indica-dominant. This strain, formed as a mix among Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK) and Alien Dawg, is a hybrid of medium THC material, mainly Indica. There are reasonable yields for Alien Kush plants, but they are tolerant, easy-to-grow plants, outside or inside. The not so dark green buds are coated in red or orange hair and should have an airy look.

Alien Kush is known for being an amazing and intense Indica marijuana strain. This effect of this strain is an intense body buzz with a throbbing sensation of goodness. This strain gives you a feeling of relaxation and upbeat.

Alien Kush is a well-known easygoing Indica-dominant Hybrid. This strain is a good choice for learners or any individual who needs a more carefree encounter. This blend offers you a happy and smooth high with a lovely body-shivering sensation.

There are multiple strains that have names starting with “Alien”. Therefore we highly recommend users to select the strain based on their preferences. If you want buds that are high in THC, Alien Dawg is your strain, if you prefer something that has citrusy and earthly flavours, Alien OG is your strain. If you want something that has less THC content, and if you are not an experienced smoker, Alien Kush can be a good option for you.

Alien Kush Experience

Alien Kush is a good blend for loosening up Indica-dominating Hybrid. The THC content in this strain can reach up to 19%, however, it’s generally lower than that. The low degrees of the psychoactive make this strain incredible for marijuana learners or for people that need the Indica experience without getting too hot.

This strain is a Californian cross among the Alien Dawg and the Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK). When you take the very first puff you are going to meet a happy and euphoric head high. However, as the Alien Kush experience gets comfortable, a more grounded relaxation grabs hold. This strain isn’t exactly able to instigate a genuine chair lock. Nonetheless, it is lethargic and narcotic generally.

Recreational marijuana buyers will like the fun, upbeat vibe this strain has offered. Other similar effects providing strains are Blue Dream, OG Kush, Bubba Kush marijuana strains. Experienced smokers of this strain report feeling more creative and carefree. It’s normal to feel a full-body shiver too, settling on this a possibly decent decision for couples who need a little flavour in the room.

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  1. Omar Urena

    I’ve been looking for this strain for several years now. Luckily I found this website.

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