Alien Dawg

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Alien Dawg

This strain offers you a blue cheddar fragrance and a kind of funny high. Alien Dawg cannabis strain is a superb Indica Hybrid strain for relaxation time.

The Alien Dawg cannabis strain is a strong Indica-dominant Hybrid that rouses a profound, substantial unwinding. However, this strain isn’t all physical. You can anticipate an upbeat, agreeable high go with narcotic impacts. This strain is High in THC content which is good for your relaxation time when there’s very little to do.

Alien Dawg Experience

Similar to some of the powerful strains in the market such as Bruce Banner, Chemdawg,  this strain is suggested only to experienced smokers.

This strain creates a calming effect with a lot of euphoric delight. If this strain is taken in low portions, the high is exceptionally charming with moderate measures of real unwinding. Higher dosages may send you directly off to rest.

Marijuana fans can appreciate this strain in various manners, including;

Alien Dawg Oil Pens might be accessible from select brands, contingent upon the area. Check out Budderweeds Pens to learn more.

Alien Dawg Wax, Alien Dawg Shatter, and different concentrates may likewise be accessible from various retailers. Budderweeds offers a wide variety of THC concentrates such as shatters, resin and rosin, and Hash.

If you are the person who does not prefer products that contain high THC, check out Budderweeds Edibles. They are great for parties and get together! Already know what you want? Then find a local cannabis store in your city now!

Qualities of Alien Dawg and Alien Dawg Seeds

This astonishing strain is a hybrid of Chemdawg and Alien Technology. Chemdawg is a well-known Hybrid with mind-boggling qualities. Alien Technology is a substantial Indica strain that has gained notoriety for creating high measures of THC.

As the consequence of the cross, this marijuana strain has acquired a hefty Indica body high and trichome thick buds. The THC in this strain also goes up to 20%.

When it comes to the fragrance you can expect some sharpness with this strain. This spice has a remarkable smell. While the flavour and a hearty musky blue cheddar smell are the first to hit the nose. However, aromas of pine and earth rapidly make themselves known. The kind of strain is both acrid and sweet.

Buds have light green colour with orange hairs. Smokers can expect great trichome inclusion from this pleasant blossom.


1 lb, 1 oz (28g), 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb

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