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Afghani is a form of Indica hemp. Afghani is titled for its regional background, where it is assumed that the initial variants of cannabis were raised. Growers have come to admire this strain globally for its genetically transmitted heavy resin production.

Similar to Afghan Kush, Afghani is known for its typical Indica marijuana strain qualities. You can anticipate an amazing relaxation for your body. This strain is also mixed with conventional hearty Kush flavors. Afghani strain is local to Afghanistan as its name also suggests. This strain has nurtured numerous advanced Indica hybrids strains such as Afghan Haze. Afghani merits a go after each cannabis lover. An Indica in its most genuine structure, anticipate a full-bodied feeling of unwinding.

Afghani Experience

Afghani is a local Afghani Indica that has become a parent to numerous advanced Indica hybrids. This heavy plant hails from the Hindu Kush mountains and has since spread the world over. Known for its sweet-sharp smell and substantial body high, you’ll perceive the Afghani impact in strains like Amnesia Haze, LA Confidential, and Northern Lights.

As a genuine Indica, the high this strain gives is strongly physical. The THC substance of this strain may not get exceptionally high (17%), however, this strain advances a profound, substantial bodied unwinding. Anticipate that your eyes will be closed and in around 30 minutes in you may end up in bed.

Even though Afghani is the foundation of numerous famous strains, it’s not as intensely relaxing as more current understandings. This strain may have solid hunger arising impacts. In case you’re wanting to stay away from the munchies, you’re in an ideal situation with an alternate blend.


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