Afghan Haze


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Afghan Haze

Afghan Haze is a strain that is revered in the medical community with a hybrid heterogeneity that alters depending on growing techniques. It is found in most cases as a Sativa-dominant strain of 60/40 and is great for more experienced smokers.

Afghan Haze is a Sativa-dominating Hybrid strain known for its uncommon fiery fragrance. This strain consolidates a decent measure of mental relaxation with a smooth, desensitizing body high.
Afghan Haze does what great Hybrids should. it gives the pleasure from the best of the two species. Albeit not the most fragrant strain, it has a sweet and gritty smell that numerous fans find wonderful.

Afghan Haze Experience

The name of Afghan Haze may give you the picture of an unwinding evening stroll in the desert, and this intense marijuana may very well place you in that perspective.

With a normal of 19-21% THC content, it’s very amazing in its feeling. Unexperienced smokers should deal with this cannabis with care. Its basic strains are the respectable Afghani Indica and Haze Sativa.

Customers smoking this weed will initially encounter a euphoric, clear headrush, complete with strengthening focus and a feeling of energy. As the high proceeds, cannabis comfort slips, set apart by a warm, comfortable body high.

Contingent upon the smoker’s appearance, this cannabis will bring about either a creative perspective or a profound mind relaxation.


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