Abusive OG Kush

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Abusive OG Kush

Abusive OG is known for its Indica dominant strain which offers a very delightful experience. This product offers a heavy high that will make its users have a euphoric feeling.

Abusive OG has a frightening name, however, it’s not a bad kind of marijuana. It’s really a smooth Indica, created from an exemplary OG Kush strain. It gives the users an extremely warm, heavy, shivery high feeling that will be recognizable to any experienced Indica buyers. It’s known for the direct pleasure it offers.

Abusive OG Kush aka Abusive OG is a famous sunny-land California cut of OG Kush marijuana strain. Similar to Bubba Kush and Northern Lights marijuana strains, Abusive OG is also an Indica strain. Even though the name Abusive OG may give you a violent impression, Abusive OG is known to have opposite effects. Abusive OG will make you feel a calm state of mind which eventually relaxes your body from head to toe. From texture-wise, Abusive OG is known to give you a look and feel like a resin-caked bud.

Abusive OG Experience

Regarding the user’s experience for this strain, Abusive OG has literally nothing to do with its name. It isn’t abusive at all. Indeed, it’s an extremely rich Indica strain with a good background as it is a variation of OG Kush. Abusive OG will give you a delicate feeling. Nonetheless, given that it has the 14% to 25% THC content, contingent upon the bunch, this is most likely best for an old weed smoker.

The high that lovers get from this is for the most part warm, shivery, and extensive, despite the fact that it in some cases starts with some shivering. By and large, however, it leaves the smoker with a sensation of clearness, mind relaxation, and the inclination to plunk down and eat whatever food is accessible or accumulate more food if there’s none around. A complete ecstasy sets in. A few customers report encountering a mellow head high, like a Sativa, yet this doesn’t occur to everybody.

Characteristics of Abusive OG and Abusive OG Seeds

This cannabis yields little, light green chunks, covered with red pistils. It has an extremely usual Kush smell to it, which could be depicted as brutal, albeit some think that it’s reviving, given that it conveys piney and citrusy feelings.

The smoke itself is amazing and fragrant, and the smell will stay for a long time after its usage.


1 lb, 1 oz (28g), 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb

1 review for Abusive OG Kush

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    I appreciate their discreet packaging and fast doorstep delivery, it’s really convenient for someone who lives in a family-filled neighborhood

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